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HR Services

Do you find yourself struggling with an online HR system that you’re paying for but not fully utilising? Or perhaps you’re bogged down by the time-consuming requirements, diverting your focus from the day-to-day needs of your business and team. This is where Saffron HR Services comes in to support you.

We can assist you with your HR needs, interfacing directly with your existing online platform and providing independent feedback. Working alongside you and your teams, we strive to achieve the best results, ultimately saving you time and money.

For many small to medium-sized enterprises, maintaining a dedicated, in-house HR department isn’t feasible—it typically costs over £30,000 per year, plus employer expenses. By engaging Saffron HR Services as a flexible, peripatetic HR solution, you gain clarity on associated costs while reaping significant benefits for your business and employees.

Services we offer:

* Team Facilitation & Familiarisation (getting to know the team, attending team meetings, groups or individually)

* Performance Evaluations (inc disciplinary & appeals processes, appraisals)

* Training Needs Analysis (assessing training gaps & sourcing courses)

* System Procedures & Support (company handbooks, policies & contracts)

* Management Advice & Guidance (supporting the management team, acting as an intermediary between business departments and senior managers)

There are several packages available to tailor the support to your business needs from £38.00 + VAT per hour.

How do we get involved?

Book your complimentary face-to-face 1:1 session to understand your business requirements and how we can work together for your business by emailing: or call 07983 469870.