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Carbon Neutral Pledge course on the 16th & 23rd November

Those in a team leader or supervisory role who are keen to promote the business ethos and core values and communicate to all staff the importance of embedding environmental best practices. Creating an open forum where good ideas are shared, encouraged and ultimately actioned. It is no longer a USP to be environmentally friendly but more an essential part of a pro-active and responsible organisation.

This workshop will provide you with a set of skills to confidently highlight to your staff and customers the environmental and sustainability outputs of you and your business. Topics Include

  • Educate and innovate by designing a Carbon Neutral Station within your business to Communicate and spread awareness of what you are doing and how guests can get involved.
  • Community Involvement, consider ways in which the Community can join forces to support your businesses mission.
  • Champion Your Very Own Green Team!
  • Discover ways in which you can further inspire your team to ‘Buy In’ to the Carbon Neutral Charter.
  • Communicate Innovative and Exciting ideas to forge all your Team into a ‘Super Green’ Mindset, whilst conserving energy and saving your business unnecessary costs.
  • Build a Hub to Link-up with local businesses to encourage creative and innovative ideas, best practices, and mind broadening conversations.
  • Get Recognised!
  • Become Locally and Nationally recognised as Leaders in award winning Sustainability Practices.

This course is offered to all hospitality businesses within Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly and is funded by the European Social Fund for Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly.

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